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Thanks for the patience and assistance in completing the book Timeless Words of Poetry. It can now be enjoyed by many for years to come.

I was very lucky to discover DMI to make eBook formats. My book has not a plain text. It is a little heavy with lots of bolds, italics and alignments. Nevertheless, the result was excellent and at a very fair price. I am grateful to Mr. Brijesh Kumar, and whenever I have an opportunity, I will not hesitate to recommend the services of DMI.

"It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Your wiliness to help me with every step I had difficulty with in getting my book on amazon is greatly appreciated. The fact that I'm not a computer expert as it relates to the ins and outs of the high tech world, your patience and user friendly instructions helped me to move through the process like a knowledgeable professional. I give you and your company high fives for excellent customer service. Thank You for a outstanding job well done".

I can confirm that my experience with digital media initiatives has been entirely satisfactory in every aspect and i wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone interested in converting their material to digital format.

Digital Media was very professional and timely with their services. When I had questions they promptly answered and were very helpful I would highly recommend them!

I used Digital Media Initiatives to covert my book, Equipped to Win to Kindle and e-book formats. This was a very complicated book with over 50 tables and figures. Digital Media Initiatives service was fast, the results were excellent, and the price was fair. I would not hesitate to use them again.

I was having great difficulty uploading my book to Kindle. My e-book was in a PDF format and Kindle wanted something different. I tried all of their suggestions and nothing worked. I then found DMI and Brijesh. What a miracle! He converted my PDF to the Kindle format and produced a beautiful edition of my book "ADAM, The Missing Link". I was extremely pleased with his work. It was worth 3 times what I was invoiced. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who needs help in the digital world.

I searched for over two years before finding Brijesh Kumar and DMI. I thank them deeply for their care and help in making my out of print books into ebooks and print on demand books, and thereby bringing them back into print. I recommend this company wholeheartedly. They are skilled, knowledgeable, fast, patient, and very reasonably priced.

I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Digital Media Initiatives. They took my manuscript for Emergia: A Chronicle of the Future and created pristine versions of it in EPUB, PDF/A, and Kindle/Mobi formats. This allowed me to publish my novel on Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and Amazon/Kindle. Their work was fast and of high quality. They even tolerated my belated editorial discoveries and made secondary and tertiary corrections to my manuscript. I recommend Digital Media highly for authors who want assistance in preparing their creative work for e-publication.

Perfect, Soo great job, I like your company, and you people, you are a very nice professional people, and I will recommend you to anyone who wants to publish e-books.

We were very happy with the professional services we received from DMI. We got quick turnaround and a great price. We are planning on using them in the future for our many new products that will be coming out. We would highly recommend them to anyone, they are the greatest.

Les and Linda Wise
The Deliberate Musician

I enjoyed working with DMI. I was surprise to virtually meet such an efficient and open minded service company. The DMI final product was professional and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend DMI for any relevant task.

I am a new author. Having chosen to self-publish, I have interacted with many different professionals (twenty or more) for various aspects of my project. Digital Media Initiatives is one that I will return to again and again. I value their work and my experience with them. They were responsive, sensitive to my schedule, and the price was competitive. My files were uploaded to the eBook channels without any problems. Thanks Digital Media Initiatives!

After two weeks of trial and error, trying to get my novel, Struggles of the Soul, up on Kindle, Dr. Kumar and his team at Digital Media Initiatives saved my sanity. They quickly and accurately converted my PDF to the correct format. Well done!!

To: Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
Digital Media Initiatives

Date: 1/11/11

Dear Brijesh,

As an author, I have had to work with many Internet service providers, especially related to e-books. Most Internet providers that I have encountered have been generally unresponsive, provided sub-quality work, and have overcharged and/or demanded full payment up front before the quality of their work could be essayed.

My business experience with you was so unprecedented, so unusually extraordinary, that, not only are you at the top of my list to recommend to others, but I consider you a team member as I continue to release e-books on multiple sites. You were not only responsive, professional, and exhibited high integrity, but the work that you delivered was of a stellar quality that leaves your competitors by the way side...even those offering similar services at a similar price. The fact that you did not demand payment until your work was approved was an unusual breath of fresh air in the e-industry, and such has earned you a lifetime of client loyalty and all the referrals that I can send your way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a gift to the dawn of e-business!

Unequivocally satisfied client,

Phoenix Richardson

Epubnow proved responsive to my requirements, flexible and willing to accomodate me throughout our cooperation. No pressure was exerted and thoughout I was given the impression that epubnow was standing by me in the pursuit of success on this particular project. My experience with epubnow was very good and I look forward to an opportunity to work with epubnow again. I recommend epubnow.

I needed my illustrated book to be formatted for a kindle version for the Amazon channels as the format of the files were complicated. I was pleased with the end result. I found the Digital Services to be professional, knowledgable and the service to be very reasonable priced. I would highly recommend their services.

Great service. DMI provided 5 updates of my eBOOk in 3 versions for a very fair price. I would recommend DMI to all the self publishers.

What a joy it was to work with Digital Media Initiatives. They were very responsive and responsible with my project and the quality of their work was excellent. They met their delivery dates with no misses and answered all of my questions with detail and speed. I would recommend Digital Media Initiatives to anyone and would use them again in the future without any reservation.

Many, many thanks! You have been truly wonderful to work with. I'm telling all my author colleagues about you!

Onward to Nirvana.......

It has been my privilege, and joy, to have discovered Brijesh Kumar, right at the inception of his new company. He has been instrumental in developing contact between my unusual writings, and the outside world. He is a man of rare vision and selflessness - his work is prompt, courteous, first-rate. I recommend him most highly.
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